Attorney Austin Easley recently won a jury trial in a St. Francis County insurance case. When an insurance company refused to pay a claim on a home that was lost in a fire and made no reasonable offers to settle, Easley & Houseal took the case to a jury trial. On November 14, 2013, the jury returned a verdict for $307,500 in favor of our client.

Attorney Mike Easley recently represented a 21-year old former athlete and farmhand whose neck was broken in several places after a devastating diving incident. While the young man’s family was relieved that he survived this horrifying neck injury, they were left to grapple with expensive medical bills when their insurance companied denied his claim. When they came to Mike and Austin, the family was concerned about their future, with medical bills piling up that would strip them of their savings and livelihood. The insurance company tried to strong-arm the family by suing them in Chicago, IL. Forrest City lawyers Mike Easley and Austin Easley would have none of it. They managed to block the company’s Illinois lawsuit, and sue the company in Arkansas. That brought the matter to a quick conclusion. The insurance company dismissed their baseless lawsuit and agreed to cover the medical bills in full. Thanks to the lawyers and staff of Easley & Houseal, who knew exactly what legal moves to make for the family, and when to make them, the family wrote letters of appreciation, telling how their lawyers had put a major problem to rest, and allowed them some peace that they hadn’t known in months.

Forrest City lawyer Mike Easley represented an asphalt worker who was gravely injured in a car accident while returning home from his job. While driving on an unlit highway at night, the man topped a hill and struck, at full speed, an 18-wheeler that had completely blocked the road. Its driver was attempting to make a U-turn, at night, with no reflectors on is trailer. The man was injured so badly that he had to be air-evacuated to the nearest trauma center. In spite of the fact that the semi-truck was making an illegal turn and had no reflectors, the trucking company denied the man’s claim, arguing that he should have seen the truck. While the man has largely recovered from his injuries, Arkansas truck accident lawyer Mike Easley got the man’s medical bills paid in full, most of his debts paid, and enough money to compensate him adequately for his injuries.

Eastern Arkansas car accident lawyer Mike Easley recently represented a young man who sustained major injuries when he was intentionally rear-ended by a tractor trailer on interstate 40. The man was driving to Little Rock for a work delivery, when he noticed a semi-truck behind him, swerving in and out of traffic at over 80 mph. When the truck began tailgating the young man, he tried to get out of the way by speeding up to 85 miles per hour, and changed lanes. The 18-wheeler changed too, this time speeding up so fast that he stuck the man’s car. After flipping three times, the car came to a stop just off Interstate 40. Another driver, who had earlier been harassed by the same truck driver, had told his wife: “That guy’s gonna kill somebody.” He stopped, went to the cab, and asked what the drive was doing,? The truck driver just said: “Serves him right for not getting out of my way.” The man suffered serious injuries and continues to be plagued by crippling pain. However, Arkansas 18-wheeler attorney Mike Easley settled the case with the trucking company and got the man the compensation he deserved.