Is it important to consult an attorney right away?

Yes. You need to speak to an attorney as soon as possible so all your rights are protected. It is also critical to preserve all the evidence pertaining to your case.


How should I handle requests from the insurance company?

Never give a recorded statement to the insurance claims adjuster without consulting first with an attorney. The adjuster's job is to help the insurance company and the party who caused your injury. It is not to help you.

Don't sign any papers without first talking to an attorney. By signing a general release you absolve your right to take legal action against those who caused your injury.


Can I be compensated for lost wages?

Yes. You are entitled to full compensation for time off work due to your injuries. Make a log of your time off work and retain any medical statements regarding your time off.


How much am I entitled to?

Many factors contribute to the amount you are entitled, including length of medical treatment, type of treatment, and the time period you experience pain and suffering from the accident.