rice contamination


In 2006, it was discovered that the U.S. rice supply was contaminated with an unapproved, genetically-modified rice seed developed and tested by Bayer CropScience, LP. The contamination of the U.S. rice supply with at least two distinct genetically modified rice traits – LLRICE 601 and LLRICE 604 – has caused significant economic damages to U.S. rice producers and has substantially diminished their ability to cultivate, market and distribute their rice crops. Affected farmers, millers, brokers and foreign importers are seeking to hold Bayer, the developer of these genetically modified rice traits, accountable for the market losses and other related damages.

What Happens Now

In order to recoup what has been lost, rice farmers, millers, brokers and foreign importers are filing lawsuits against Bayer CropScience, LP.

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